Tuesday, November 14, 2006

the list

Tuesday, 14Nov - 46 days

Yesterday night was spent going around grandpa's housing area to look for envelopes & stamps. Stopped at 2 mini markets near Free Sch. Couldn't find the envelopes i wanted from the first shop. Proceeded to 2nd shop. The owner was trying to be cheeky. I asked for stamps but they dun sell it, so i asked another silly question - where could i get some stamps. Her answer was probably as good as your guess. Rode the bike to P.Ramlee road and found another mini market. Also no red envelopes & stamps. Gave up and went home. 3rd cousin was not at home and big possibility that he will call home for transport. So i went to surf on net for the postage rate to send a card internationally. RM1.XX per postage. Wow, but no choice cos they demanded for cards to be sent. Will try to go to Post Office this Saturday or start to beg for stamps from people i know. First choice would be a better one.

Drove cousin to tuition. Surprisingly the roads were clear and the journey was smooth. Less than 5mins, he called telling me the tuition was cancelled. So had to make a U-turn to fetch him home.
Started to fill the names on the cards. Before that, was already thinking hard whether or not i should give up my colls for his. Hmm...both have about 25 colls each, which means at least 3 tables. My frens already confirmed on 3 tables and i have 3 tables left only. Oh dear. Nevermind, will pass the decision making to (soon-to-be) husband. Let him crack his head :p

This morning distributed one card to MN. Later will pass another card to Auntie GL. Both are the people whom we know since we were very very young.

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