Tuesday, November 14, 2006

i need stamps

Finally gotten another 4 stamps from AL. Need more cos total stamps needed are 10 pieces of 30sen & 1 piece of 50sen. Luckily got free envelopes from sis. Very troublesome but not until i finished distributing the cards. Will continue the card distribution tommorow. To date i've only given cards to 3 persons. AL asked me why am i getting married so soon. I dun have an exact answer for that question. I guess it's all about mutual understanding.

Just now i asked for an address from a guy friend as i wanted to send him the card. He insisted i send to Spore address rather than Ipoh address. Not as if he wants to keep the card. He is the person who starts this stupid card distribution nonsense. If not for him, i could just scan the card and send to all. Of cos i won in the end, he still have to give me his ipoh address. Total cards to be sent in KL & Ipoh = 10 while 1 card to be sent to Spore (LS).

I'm glad that the tables are finally booked and the price is finalized. I do hope there will be no price increase. Money is rather limited as i do not wish to see more money spent on wedding ceremony. People say it's once in a lifetime event. Yeah rite, I dun even bother. As long as everything is within budget and everybody is happy, that is true happiness. Last time, i used to dream about fairytale wedding. Smoke everywhere, white wedding. But as i'm getting older (not to mention more mature) practicality is the first thing that comes on my mind. Practicality doesn't equal to kiam siap-ness. I know we sure can afford grand wedding, but it's merely a show to the guests and burn a hole in the pocket. Some people even have wedding theme with some fanciful names. Our wedding will only have one theme: simple & nice :)

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