Tuesday, November 21, 2006

productive saturday

Saturday, 18Nov - 42days

Let me quickly recap what happened during the weekend. Woke up early as usual to do some house chores. Ah kim was not around so i had to clean the bathroom & quickly scrub the toilet with the brush. No finger nails was broken in the process. Hung all the clothes and took breakfast. Mopped upstairs and went to quick bath. Borrowed bike from ah kong and off i went to Moral Uplifting building. You know wat, i went nuts. I took a very very big round cos i thought i knew how to get there. Went to Pulau Tikus then to Aurora Court & finally reached Greenlane. I didn't know the way :p To cut the story short, i managed to get to Moral Uplifting building. Asked all the questions i needed to know and the forms to get from which building & booked the date. Before i left, that lady asked me whether i would like to donate to their food charity. Boom!! Paid RM10 for that silly coupon. Our official date to be pronounced as husband and wife is on 23 Dec 2007, 3pm. Hopefully everybody will be free at that time. I like big big company on that day. Any feast after that? RM100++ vegetarian food again? I guess future in-laws are scared of someone now. Paid my credit card bill & cancelled my E magazine subscription. Before i went home, xiao yi called and asked me to ta pao chicken rice for her, ah kong & myself.

Took lunch & went online to chat with (soon-to-be) husband. Told him the official date but my eyes gave up on me, so i went to sleep in the living room after 10mins of chatting. But i didn't sleep until 4pm. Was attracted to this show shown on HBO, "The First Daughter". It's about US president's daughter who longed for freedom from his dad's tight bodyguards. One senior from her college managed to divert her from these bodyguards and finally they fell in love with each other. Unfortunately, this senior is also a disguised bodyguard sent by her dad.
Slept right after the show until xiao yi switched on the light in the living room to sew her blouse...$#@!!!. Couldn't continue my sleep so woke up to iron all my clothes. I forgot wat i did at night but it was definitely something very boring too :p

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