Tuesday, November 21, 2006

boring sunday

Sunday, 19Nov - 41days

Woke up late on everyday sunday at usual time. Nothing interesting too. Bathed, took clothes out to dry, breakfast & CSI marathon. Er yi and family came over almost noon. Oh yeah, something happened, something about relative's wedding dinner arrangement and everybody got confused. I confused everybody it seems, but didn't bother much. Finished CSI marathon at 3pm and went online. It was raining heavily & there was a storm. Decided to disconnect & sleep. Before i went to bed, decided to go online and there i saw husband-to-be online. Was actually not planning to chat with him cos i was sleepy, but we ended up chatting for like 4 hours. It was 4am his time! Chatted about wedding, candies he bought, & i'm waiting for his souvenirs to arrive in next weekend. He'll be back like in another 10-12days. That's fast :p

One of my coursemates went online to talk about my wedding preparation for THEM. I blasted at him & finally they decided to book hotel rooms in case of not enough space to put a night in BW. Good, finally they got the idea! Wow, my mood was so good that night. No more worries, no more bad mood.

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