Saturday, November 18, 2006

Branch of Candies

My time (17 Nov 06)

Back from the bored and repeated dinner foods here. A so called Japanese cuisine cooked by Mexican!! what the original man. After dinner went to grocery (Safeway one of carefour like) just near by the restaurant…cold walk “here you can walk like king, car can always stop for you to pass by.. if they didn’t stop the car “what the fcuk” slogan is able for you to shout. At Penang “u nak mati” if you didn’t watch closed to the traffic. This time candies again add 3 more packs to my soon to be (Lou Poh) if you wan that you can request from her but need to see her mood to get one candy:p I don’t dare to request that. So funny to me I seldom and never taken coffee can buy so good Starbuck blend coffee pack..heheh I just like to keep everything nicely “song” to myself to full up our kitchen :p “House Blend-Starbuck” quite favorite here.
Before back from office had called to my mum but she didn’t hang up her hand phone. I think my soon to be (Lou Poh) did that quite sometimes can’t get her:p then I called to home my pa hang up..know already we didn’t talk much like sometimes I keep quite and then he keep quite again. Has confirmed to him about the vege-table and the dish guy do not serve that. So he has to request other outside ppl for only this one table and he has done that. …..the call…then again… after I told I have to go for dinner then we ended the call. This is funny son and father communication. Don’t other then that I still good with him.

This is the first cycle of blog?? I also don’t..i tot it start from our journey so long time ago even we never ever met. Keep it last forever to be others ppl fossil where the can find e-word la :p

I will go to bed early tonite because tomorrow will travel for long distant to Lake Tahoe. One of famous lake at California state.

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