Monday, November 13, 2006

another heated conversation

Monday, 13Nov - 48days

The (soon-to-be) husband drew the map from Ipoh to our wedding dinner place. 11pages of map, snapshots from Google Earth. I know it's not easy to prepare the map. So i sent his masterpiece to 3 of my friends. Comments received were it's too complicated, it's cool, too many pages. Well, enough said and i dun have to contribute my opinion. But for me, the map looks fine & detail enough. But if you're not used to reading a map, it's kind of confusing. Before this map conversation, i had a stressful phone conversation with the dowager (my mum) over her plan to renovate her new apt. And her stupid phone was so annoying, i practically have to shout over the phone before she could listen to me. Darn, there goes my mood. Maybe it's the way i phrased my sentences when i chatted with him online. Again, our conversation ended in unpleasant way. Here is one of the snapshots. Isn't he a genius?

But i think we need to settle with this: