Wednesday, November 15, 2006

good news is not so good anymore

Weds, 15Nov - 45days

Grandpa volunteered to buy me more stamps. Problem settled. He will also help me to post all the cards today. Yipeee. Tonight will prepare another batch of cards to be sent. We're going for our company team building at 6pm, so will be leaving office early today. Can't wait to leave for good food. Weighed myself last night, either the weighing machine is spoilt or my weight is still the same.

Aiyo, penguin just spoke to me. M suggested that i'll be the best candidate to take up a new task. I think must be the impression that i give them...too free, that's i'm always creating trouble for penguin :p But this trouble creating task has been taken up by a chocolate-skinned coll, let's call her J-Ass. She is the worse lady in my dept. About 3 yrs ago, she told me that she is slimmer than i was. Her arms were not as flabby as mine. Her face was round cos she always massaged her face. Oh please, stop the nonsense. Round face = fat. You dun need to massage your face to make it round. All you need is to eat more. No common sense. Surprisingly, now i could see her body expanding. Must be way tooooooo much exercise (not to mention massage) & her "muscles" are building up....haha. Serves her right. May her "muscles" keep growing. She is a tin kosing by the way. Latest news, she told penguin that she feels vomitish just by looking at penguin's face. Siao char bo.

Okay, back to bad news. Penguin didn't tell me which dept i'm going to take care of, but it's so obvious. There is only one new dept being setup this year - (soon-to-be) husband's. I dun want to work with him. I dun wish to. If i make any mistake, he & i will be doomed. Nightmare nightmare. Already in the same company & same building, still need to work together? Ang kong, please dun make things worse.

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