Tuesday, November 28, 2006

happy me

Monday, 27Nov - 33days

I got to order my notebook...finally, after 3years of waiting. My dept admin did all the ordering for me after lunch. So what i will get is n8430 (i think she ordered wrong model for me cos this is for engineer only, who cares :p ) + bag pack + security lock. Ok, so i dun get a new LCD monitor. Well well, i dun bother much. But the delivery date is after Xmas, 23 working days...iskh!! I hope i get it before i go on leave. Heard from penguin that Boo also requested for one but unsuccessful cos no valid reason. Boo was offerred a notebook once upon a time, but she stupidly refused the offer, you say got such stupid person or not. So now, she is dying to get one. I wish i could laugh at her, but as long as the notebook has not arrived, the risk of losing the notebook to other people is still there. Too bad, it's a competitive world...notebook up for grab. So sampat.

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