Tuesday, November 28, 2006

so anxious

Tuesday, 28Nov - 32days

Yoh, i'm so damn sleepy now. This morning got up at 6.30am cos cousin must report in school before 7am for his school camp. When i went downstairs, nobody is around but all the lights were on. Strange i tot, so i brushed my teeth and bathed. Before that saw ah kim lying on the sofa but cousin was nowhere to be seen. What the heck, so i bathed first. Cousin overslept again so ah kim had to rush him to school and came back to get ready for work. Sleepy me now trying to work but couldn't. And it's only 4.20pm (12.20am his time). Husband-to-be and i talk a lot online during weekdays but i doubt we'll be continue talking when he's back in Penang. Work piling up for him. Oh yeah, i already booked him next week to complete our assignment - rush for registration documents. Will follow my fren home to bworth tomorrow to get the car and for the pics. Then back to the house to show in-laws (if not too late) but will bring all back to penang lar :p Parents will be here this weekend. Was supposed to take the pics today but forgetful me, the shop closes every Tues. Stupid shop :p I think the reason why i couldn't get my pic until today cos i'm cursed by the salesgirls there :D

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