Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving :)

I have a good news, so 100% good news but still it's a good news to us. I finally gathered enough courage to call again after 4hours. Joyce answered my phone finally. The workers are rushing to complete our albums by end of today- 80% will complete. But if not then will have to drag until tomorrow and call me again. Yeah, you're so rite, i have to call them. I'm so glad now, finally i get to see my albums :)

Happy holidays for husband-to-be in US. He will be starting his journey to his childhood dream place (i think) in a couple of hours. How i wish i was there too. No worries lar, i have to keep my name "clean" among my relatives, so have to forgo the offer to fly over to visit him there. RM8K just flew away. Anyway, i would really want to go for a honeymoon (be it near or far) right after our wedding but this will also depend on his schedule. Work = money.

Enjoy yourself and take more pics, yah. Should i say thank ang kong i met you? It's Thanksgiving wat :p

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