Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cold and Tired

My time (US 14 Nov)

Just finish chatting with my soon to be (Lou Poh). Nothing to talk much. She is worry for her new assign work role that may or may not to this new department where I'm working now. Shouldn't be so worry most of the work is only dealing with NPI stuff. But anyway if really can discuss to her boss i think is better :p

Yeah i think if possible to do some decoration to the hall when time is ok to me. Actually i have asked one of my last x-colls to help me draft out some drawing in words... i think KG and Cynthia...probably i will write him a message to see how. hehehe... i think i should give this as a suprise but then my soon to be (Loh Poh) know liao no fun.

ZZZzzzz,,, tired really tired today lot of work and lot of design change and modification work to be done. have some discussion to boss he keep yelling me to back early and continue other project!!! what man asked me to come as schedule is you, asked me to go back early also u..devil!!! i dun think fun training here...a big resposibility you need to hold if you are good you will be hero, as if fail kill youself b4 back.

Very cold rite now cover up all the blanket still feel like air-cond...

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