Thursday, November 16, 2006

durian runtuh

My room - raining

Just now i received unbelievable sms. One of my richest colls sms me on Dr Diet. So i returned her call in office. She is desperate to lose weight to attend a close relative's wedding in overseas and she wants DD as soon as possible. I confirmed with her the amount she wanted. Coincidently, will have to follow sis back today cos ah kim is not free and not working tomorrow . So both sis and i went to Farlim to collect the things that she wanted. To be on the safe side, i called her again when we reached the stokist to confirm. She chg her mind. Luckily i haven't bought any yet. RM600++ you think cheap ar. Anyway while on the back to drop sis at her house, this coll called again asking me to get the stuff and meet up with her tomorrow. So made a U-turn and bought all the stuff that she wanted. Will pass to her tomorrow since she is on MC. We are to meet up either at company guardhouse or go over to her house. Hard to please her but i'll get a profit of 70bucks, what the heck.

Dropped sis at her house and i drove back. Before i reached Chung Ling High Sch, i could see dark clouds hovering Berjaya Hotel. Wind was blowing angrily although the rain has not started. Oh my, i'm still 10mins a way from ah kong's house. Of cos i kept my cool and didn't speed. One driver was kind enough to let me pass successfully at the junction into ah kong's house. That road is a mad road. You need patience & lots of luck to cross the road. Remember to hold on to your mystic knot if you have any. Anyway, so far i've not met with any accident at that deadly junction...touch wood. Once i parked the car, rain started to pour madly. Was in the car and wondering whether or not i should wait for the rain to subside. Anyway, to cut the story short, i dashed out from the kancil with everything in a plastic bag and ran towards ah kong's house. And i was wearing my silver high heels. The heels are still strong. All wet, from top to bottom, but not the things which i need to pass to my coll.

It's raining rather heavy now. As i'm typing this, thinking of my dearest :p Hmm...good thing he is not in his penang room now. Raining + alone = bad. Unless you have a cup of Nescafe with you. One now, one nescafe...hahahaha....

Hmm...i'm in the mood of typing now. Still have 20mins to go before my 9.30pm show starts. 8.30pm show is so boring. In case you wonder, i'm upstairs with Uzap at my waist and the laptop on the chair. Yes, I'm siting on the floor wearing my grey uniform. Cold here too. Oh yeah, ah kim asked us to go for Seafood buffet dinner at Park Royal, RM100 per pax. Food is excellent according to my colls. But RM100. Dear ar dear, luckily you're not back yet at that time. Mum decided not to go since so expensive. She sim tia we have to pay so much also ah kim has RM600 coupon. So i think the plan is Low's clan go without Lim's family. In case you still dunno, Low's clan know how to enjoy life very much except mum. She rather die for us than to pamper herself with good food, good clothes & holiday trip. There was once when she actually gave up her China trip and trade it for the set of sofa in our ipoh house. The previous sofa was destroyed by cousinsssssss. That's also the reason she is reluctant to leave the set of sofa behind when she moves to Pg next year.

My (soon-to-be) husband always ask me this question, who is the most important person in my heart. Tough to decide leh. It depends on situation also mah. Before marriage, surely the most important persons are my parents then you. After marriage, definitely will be you, if not tell me who else. But after give birth to kids, dunno liao :p Can assure you, i put you all before myself. Want to know who will i save if my dad/mum, you and i fall into the sea? Answer is i'll drown together with you all and we shall meet in heaven :D

My show is going to start in 10mins. Must get ready to brush teeth and keep the Uzap & laptop. Actually eyes very sleepy now but still wants to watch the doctors chinese series. You say die or not?

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