Friday, November 17, 2006

closure of first blog

Friday, 17Nov - 43days

I'm still in office waiting for sis to complete her work. Friday is the day where everybody comes out to play traffic game called "The Jam". The time now is 6.05pm. We're going to reach ah kong's place after my 7pm Spore series ends. May stop at clinic since sis needs to go for check-up due to lady's sickness symptom. Hope it's nothing serious, we're still very young.

From my place, i could see M & penguin having some serious discussion. Must be the problem J-Ass created. Penguin just shared with me the things that J-Ass just said and did. I dun bother much except feeling sorry for her. Finally passed DD to my rich coll at 2pm+ after waiting for her since 11am++ . She just had a few operations which make exercise difficult for her and she is desperate to loss more weight. She should better follow the diet strictly, i dun want to see reverse effect on her.

The more i type the more i feel that this blog is mine alone :p So from today onwards, i'm only going to pour my thoughts into this blog bye bye my first blog. My (soon-to-be) husband will be so glad. Anyway, if someone accidentally find into this blog, feel free to read and give comment. And if you're offended, too bad, this blog was not meant to be public in the first place. Only for special people like me & my (soon-to-be) hubby :D :p

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