Thursday, November 16, 2006

too many guests

Thursday, 16Nov - 44days

Poor him. Must be facing a lot of trouble from his boss & his soon-to-be lou poh. Nevermind 2 more weeks. Think on the bright side. You'll only need to hear their voices now. But when you're back, you have to FACE them all :p

I decided to help out with the wordings on the stage. But (soon-to-be) husband wants to pass the job to his fren. I wonder has he sent mail to the fren. Not going to add more pressure on him. I hope i get to go to Popular Bookstore tomorrow to hunt for the polystrene, survey the price actually.

Team building was so-so. Good food but the price per person was rather high, RM50 per pax. Organizer booked for 100 pax but only about 70 turned up. Food wasted & the grand ballroom was not even full. We had BBQ Lamb, Shrimp Soup, Spicy & Sour fish curry, boneless chicken rendang, veggies, fried mee, prawns, lobak, salad, rojak, fruits, kuih & more cakes. Overall was good except rojak was too hot. We started at 6pm and i reached home before 8pm, fast huh. On the way back, saw the grandpa and all just went out for dinner at Northam. They too had sumptuous dinner including RM150 fish. Grandpa seemed to enjoy the dinner very much. While they were away, i went online to scan the wedding card. Unfortunately, no software installed, so took pic of it instead. Turned out bad but didn't bother much and sent to PDL coursemates. And also (soon-to-be) husband.

I have 25 coursemates coming to the wedding & 1.5 tables for Penang frens. oh dear, this means i have to cut off tables for colls. Darn... no choice. Good thing the cards are still in my office drawer. Patience is good.

Upset stomach now. Dunno due to the food or mensus... :( Hey, my face is shiner now. Is it due to the amount of nutrients i feed to my face or it's getting rounder??

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