Tuesday, November 21, 2006

virus attack!

Monday, 20Nov - 40days

I was not sleepy nor tired. But damn my fingers! Received a yahoo message from one of my colls. I was tempted to click on the link cos her yahoo status was also set to the link she sent. On second thought, it might be virus. So stupid me, click on the link and out of nowhere, something trigger my yahoo messenger to auto send the link to all the contacts in my yahoo list. Over and over again until i needed to logged out from my yahoo. I restarted my pc thinking maybe it's just a "harmless" link. Iskh!! My IE was corrupted. Yahoo Messenger went nuts. No choice, had to call helpdesk. The agent uninstalled & reinstalled IE for me and cleared the virus. Was so thankful, but the happiness didn't last for very long. I couldn't launch my oracle. No oracle = no work. Called helpdesk again and got Agent#2. He pandai-pandai deleted more softwares until it became worse. Iskh!! Didn't get to talk much with husband-to-be.

Already such a bad day, still went i reached home, ah kim said i confused everybody with the wedding schedule. Haih, dun bother so much. And decided not to go back to ipoh if there is such a big fuss.

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