Friday, August 5, 2011

just bla-ing

While searching for someone to bla all my frustrations and unhappiness....i remembered my good old blog :)

He says i'm selfish.
Honestly, i really can't think of anything that i've done to make him label me in such away.
Was it due to i took leave to go shopping on my own? He can do it if he wants to.
Is it due to i play with iPod on the bed while waiting for the kids to fall asleep on their own, while he does his own things downstairs? Is there anything wrong with this sentence?
Is it due to i'm not willing to share my Twisties or Mister Potato with him? But, there are a lot more in the kitchen cabinet, all he needs to do it walk to the kitchen and grab them himself. I
s it due to i dun want to talk to him when i'm watching my movies?
Seriously, i did what i have to do at home. I cook, i clean, i wash, isn't that enough yet? I do my chores, you do yours. Am i still selfish?

He says i'm rude, therefore he "has" to be rude to me.
Rude is not the correct word. I'm a very (maybe over) practical and straightforward person. He knows that since long long ago. He told me his nose was painful and that it worsen his tootache. My direct reply was "haiyo, why you also have this kind of problem". Dun even expect me to say some sweet lovey-dovey words. Whenever khye tells me he falls down, my reply is also the same "haiyo why you all fall down", followed the 5W 1H questions. That's me.

He says he is a good man but nobody appreciates that.
I dun deny that the 1st part and it's better he dun say that aloud. Now, I have to elaborate on the 2nd portion. Nobody appreciates him. You mean, i have to shower you with praises, hugs and kisses each time you clean the porch? Like i always say, i do my chores, you do yours. We don't have to thank each other, it's our responsibilities. Sometimes, he's really a nuisance. He will say if i can't or not willing to do something, he can always complete it FOR ME. Yes, FOR ME. And the catch is, he will do it, but with endless self praises and reminders, not to mention grumbles and show me his temper for whole day.

He says he no longer has his "ME TIME" and he's happier in his bachelor days.
HELLO!! For goodness sake, please come back to reality and stop dreaming & STOP COMPARING. If i could turn back the clock, do you think i still want to stay with you? We're grown up adults and with a family now. You should think of future and how to plan for the future, not thinking about the past! Stop thinking about "if only this if only that". If you want "ME TIME", take time off from your work and have a day all to yourself. Pamper yourself, instead of sulking at home and telling people how miserable your life is. And if your "ME TIME" means we go on separate ways, please give me notice to get prepared. And MY kids will follow me whever i go, that's for sure. You can get someone else to bear you YOUR kids.

And i feel so much better now.

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