Monday, July 25, 2011

Khye's update

Me: Spread your arms Khye. Be like a butterfly (showing him how to spread my arms).
Khye: I want to be a small butterfly (keeping his elbow to both sides of his body)
Me: Why?
Khye: Cos my hands will pain.

Me: Spell MA-ma TA-ta.
Khye: MA-ma TA-ta, mata.
Me: What is mata in english?
Khye: Mata in english is policeman.

Me: Please finish your vitamins.
Khye: You also finished yours?

Papa, higher the tv volume, i cannot hear.
Papa, on the fan, i hot hot.
Papa, you beat mei mei, naughty girl.

But he could be very caring too sometimes:
Khye: Your hand/leg/body ok liao ma?

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