Monday, September 7, 2009

nap time

We have a portable baby cradle set in our house which is kept at a hidden corner right in front of the storeroom. Each time it's time for Khye to sleep, we just need to pull it out and put it under the fan next to the dining table. Khye does not like it when we do that as it'll indicate that it's his bedtime already. Usually, what he will do is try to run away or lying down on the floor and pretending to cry. He'll never win at any attempt.

Yesterday, hubby's fren came for a visit. Both of them were talking at the dining table while khye & i played together. An hour passed and the fren was still not ready to go home. It's almost time for khye's afternoon nap. Not wanting to be impolite, i didn't say anything and left khye to play with his toys while i got ready some food for lunch in the kitchen.

Surprisingly, khye followed me, but not into the kitchen. He went to drag his cradle set, like how we always do and placed it next to the fren's chair. Khye hardly does that unless he's extremely tired or sleepy. Then only the fren got the message and finally left the house.

Khye slept peacefully from 1pm to almost 4pm. Khye's mum too.

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