Thursday, July 23, 2009

trip to durian farm

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One fine morning, instead of dressing me up into TT shirt, Papa-yoh dressed me up in another set of pyjamas. I was thinking has he gone senile? Three of us got into the car and Papa-yoh called his friend to informed that we're on the way. Yay, we're not going to TT this weekend. It was a long journey to this place. While Papa-yoh was driving, i went crazy with mama at the passenger seat behind. To be exact, i made mama crazy by being a monkey in the car. Finally, after about an hour or less, we reached a dead-end in a jungle. Papa-yoh parked the car by the hill side. Mama told Papa-yoh that if i were to be naughty again, she would throw me down the hill. I took that seriously and stood very close to them all the time. Papa-yoh was carrying me while mama was carrying a camera bag, my bag & an umbrella. She didn't look happy though. While on the way up the so called short hike, mama reluctantly took a pic of me and Papa-yoh.
at the beginning of our 25mins walk, hubby still could smile

After about 25mins, we finally reached the durian farm. I was sweating a lot too even though i didn't have to walk. I bet Papa-yoh must have transferred his sweat to my pyjamas. There were a lot of mosquitoes and that time i knew why i was dressed in pyjamas. But i wonder why Papa-yoh & mama did not do the same. But after thinking it over, they must be the world greatest parents, to sacrifice their body & blood to protect me from the fierce mosquitoes. I was so touched.

Later, Papa-yoh left me & mama to bring back some fruits. It reminded me of the story of Tarzan & Jane. Tarzan would go and brings back fruits for Jane (& Tarzan junior). While waiting for Papa-yoh to come back, i played with a few purple fruits which i've not seen before. Mama called them mangosteens.
I was fascinated by these fruits but i dun like red hairy fruits called rambutans.
After about 15mins, i was bored and i told mama i wanted to look for Papa-yoh. She kept pulling me back to where she was standing. Mama didn't even allow me to peep at her camera.
trying to snatch the camera from my hand
There was a tug of war and i fell down on my buttock. Mama screamed, not becos i was hurt, it's becos she had to wash the dirt from my white pyjamas now.
notice the dirt on his pants?
Soon, Papa-yoh came back with a big bunch of red....hairy fruits and smiling happily. Mama thought he was going to bring back lots of "red prawns" (ang heh durian). Papa-yoh disappeared again to bring back more fruits. I was hungry, sweaty & bored. Mama was always pulling me whenever i tried to walk off. I even threaten to pull down her bag from the tree. But she ignored me.
making my bag into his punching bag
Finally, i lost my temper and started to cry. Mama panicked and i was dissatisfied with a bottle of milk. Finally, after much hassle, i dozed off until the rest came back. We finally made it to ground at 2pm+.

Papa-yoh told mama that next year, i will have to hike up the hill myself. I was very excited and can't wait for next year =) Mama just kept quiet.

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