Thursday, July 16, 2009

how we spent our last weekend

It was an impromptu trip to IKEA.

Hubby woke me up at 5.30am after he bathed and while i was getting ready, he packed everything in the car. We gave khye his milk while carrying him into the car, not wanting to wake him up so early. After all, i needed some sleep before attending to the little rascal in the car. We start our journey at 6.10am. Unfortunately, khye woke up around 7.30am and my nightmare started. First, he demanded for milk which he didn't want to finish after that. He got bored playing toys that i purposely brought along. I read nursery rhymes to him using a book full of pics. He was only interested in Humpty Dumpty and navigating my fingers to point everywhere on the book. Then he got bored of the book and started to disturb his papa, pinching hubby's face, pulling his shirt & wanted to become co-driver by climbing into front passenger seat. Not only that, he tried to test hubby's car performance by attempting to pull the hand brake / gear stick. All happened within 2hours from the time he woke up. It was a MAJOR mistake not training him to sit in car seat when he was younger, everything is too late now. He refused to be tied using seat belt, dun want to be held by anybody. Nobody else to be blamed except ourselves.

Lucky thing, we reached KL at 10am before detoured to a nearby car repair shop for tyre checking. I remember our first trip to IKEA. It was a peaceful trip though i was 5mths preg and we spent about 6hours or more there. With khye this time, it was a hectic trip with him acting like "rusa masuk kampung". He didn't want to be seated in the shopping trolley. And i forgot that IKEA does not have a big trolley like Tesco (we only realised that IKEA does have such trolley at the ground floor after all the hassle). I forced him to stay in the trolley for a while by feeding him cereals & biscuits. But it only worked for like 15mins before he tried to escape from the trolley again. In the end, hubby had to carry him all the way. He tried to lure hubby to go closer to things on the shelves by shouting "HUA! HUA!" As if we would fall into his trap. After failing with a few attempts, he threw tantrum and wanting to walk on the floor by himself. So we put him down in one of the baby cots where he LOVES so much. as if he has not seen any baby cot before

Even pretend to be sleeping on the mattress some more.

pretending to sleep

Dun worry, i've already covered his face and hands with dettol sanitizer. He had lots of fun playing in the baby cot, as if he had never seen one. When it was time to move to the next section, he refused to get out from the baby cot. This is something new. Usually he would beg us to take him out from his own baby cot. Isn't he a good actor? There was a bit of drama when we dragged him out of the baby cot and it stopped when we reached kids' corner. He went mad and dashed for the toys, playing like there's no tomorrow.


My sis lends khye an exact same toy which he didn't bother to touch at my mum's place but he went crazy when he saw it at IKEA. Another toy he was particularly attracted to was a toy with a roller and a handle for him to pull and push while walking, creating irritating noise. I protested when hubby wanted to get him that toy. Khye never like a toy for more than 5mins. After all, that toy was not cheap too. Hubby bought it in the end anyway.

So it was time to eat and another drama followed. Khye was playing happily with the push & pull toy and did not want to let hubby guide him. He just went wherever he likes. Since he is so minute, a lot of bigger size kids wanted to snatch that toy from him, without knowing hubby and i was around guarding khye like eagles. IKEA was crowded at that time. Not wanting to create any problem, i kept the toy while hubby carried him. Khye suddenly turned so aggressive, like got possessed like that. He turned, squirmed, screamed, cried, shouted and all the verbs you could think of, trying to get back on the floor. Hubby gave up and put him back on the floor. But his body went limp and he refused to get up from the floor. No choice, hubby had to grab him up again and the whole drama repeated. Mind you, it was lunch time and khye has high pitch voice. Hubby tried to distract him by moving into kid's corner with TV while i went to line up for food. From the queue, i could still hear khye screaming on top of his voice. The queue was very long and i had to wait for quite a while before returned to find them. There was no vacant table and khye was crying like mad and i was so frustrated!! When we finally settled down on a table, i had to carry khye away for his feeding while hubby cooled down at the table. He was about to lose his temper. Khye finally calmed down, and dozed off before finishing his milk. PEACE AT LAST!! He didn't wake up even when someone knocked into his car that tired. This little rascal has been naughty from 7.30am to 1pm.

naughty khye, sleeping after throwing a bit tantrum

At least we got about 30mins of lunch with khye sleeping next to my chair. Anyway, he woke up when we lifted him up from the chair. But this time, his mood was back to normal, not more kena possessed. He didn't make a fuss when we threw him into the big trolley and moved on with our shopping. On and off, we had to obey to his instruction by throwing unbreakable things he wanted from the shelves (e.g spoons, bowls). It was a win-win situation, he got to play masak-masak in the trolley while we could look at the things we wanted.

We left ikea around 3pm and proceeded to the Curve before heading home.

Khye didn't sleep at all until we reached Ipoh for Chicken & Bean sprouts for dinner. He only went to sleep when we entered the highway to get back to Bworth. Well, one good thing was, he didn't wake up thru out that night until the next morning. Neither did both of us.

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