Thursday, July 23, 2009

daily routine

Let me share our almost fixed routine everyday.
(inspired by Karen Cheng).

6.50am Alarm goes off and hubby bathes & i prepare breakfast
7.00am My turn to bathe while hubby dressed up and carry khye downstairs.
7.30am Leave house to work.
8-5.45pm Slaves at work
6.45pm Reached home with packed dinner.
7.15pm Fetch khye from in-laws'.
8.15pm Send khye to sleep - lights off, air-cond on.
9.00pm Get ready khye's feeding things & relax in front of Astro.
10.30pm Bed-time for both of us.

Getting khye to sleep everyday is an ordeal. He does not sleep easily unless he is REALLY tired which does not happen very often. Hubby has to get him ready by wiping him clean and changing into his pyjamas. Sometimes, it goes very smoothly. Most of the time, he will be screaming like he's being abuse or something. But before changing him into his pyjamas, i have to get ready his bottle of milk and setup his baby cradle in the living room, in front of the air-cond. Lights & tv must be 100% off with full speed fan & moderate air-cond temp. If you miss any of these, the whole house will turn into a mad house almost instantly. The IKEA chair is to block him from the tv when we on it after he goes to sleep.
khye's cradle

After about 20-30mins of irritating baby cradle music & non-stop tapping, we will on the porch light to see whether he is still awake or not. No noise from the cradle does not mean that he is already asleep. At times, we will find him staring back at us after 30mins. If that happens, we have to switch off the light and start all over again.

If he is confirmed sleeping then we can safely switch on the dining room lights and tv.
khye in cradle

When it's our bed time, hubby has to slowly lift him up from the baby cradle before putting him into his baby cot. Normally, he will just open his eyes for a while and continue with his sleep. If he protests, a bottle of milk will do to calm him down.

transferred into baby cot

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