Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i can breathe

I decided to take 4 days off in a stretch to stay at home, without Khye. Khye is sent to in-laws' place every morning as usual.

Yesterday, khye woke up at slightly before 7am, right before hubby's alarm went off. Hubby went to work while i bathed and fed khye while waiting for in-laws to come fetch him over. Peace. My day started with a cup of coffee and a nice movie - Hellboy II. We were supposed to watch that since when it was first launched but with Khye around, how to enjoy the show. I even joked with my parents & sisters that i dun have to watch Hellboy cos i have one at home :P Bad mama. After the show, i started with my cleaning tasks, the curtains. Took down the curtains in the living room & spare room for wash. While waiting for the curtains, i cleaned all the drawers and cabinets in my house (downstairs only). The funny thing is, the things found in the tv cabinets are not moved since last spring cleaning, so i just needed to take out everything, wiped and put back everything in the same order. I finally moved all my pics into the new photo album we bought a while ago. I still need one more photo album leh, not enough.

Next was to tidy up food in my kitchen cabinets, re-arranging plates in the cabinets, wiped my oven & water filter..etc. Not forgetting throw away broken plates/spoons and food from the fridge. Cleaned our spare room - windows, fan, light, cabinets.

Took a bathe and ate something before i was back in front of my tv and online chatting :D I did something similar around this time too last year, when i was pregnant. Call me a fool but i enjoy cleaning my house and put everything in order, when i'm home alone. If only i can become a housewife and given monthly allowance & a car to use. I got bored while staying at home last year when i needed to clear my vacation leave. But now, i'm more than happy to do that, as long as khye is sent to in-laws' place. Finally, i'm breathing again.


  1. Once a while we really need our own time to be alone. I enjoy doing so.

  2. yes, i'm going to enjoy my life the fullest in these few days, home alone.

  3. I noticed that you are really tidy and love cleaning during the days we shared one apartment. ;)

  4. really? hahaha...hope you were not annoyed staying with a cleanliness freak at that time :D

  5. Of course not.. And looking at you throwing your bedsheet into the washing machine every alternate week made me thought of how long I never change my bed sheet at home..Wahahah...