Thursday, October 30, 2008

simple cooking instruction

It's finally time for us to tell mil that she can feed Khye porridge. The reason why we hid from her was cos Khye could not sit properly in the baby walker, he would slough and it's bad for his backbone. Also she definitely cannot handle him on one hand while feeding him using another hand. Half the food may end up in his notrils like what happened when i first fed him :P

I wanted to tell her to cook a very very simple porridge with meat, spinach and carrot using our newly bought mini slow cooker. But our conversation lasted for quite long as predicted. She got over-excited.

Me : Ma, can start to feed Khye with porridge tomorrow liao.
Mil : Yes yes, I already wanted to ask you about that bla bla bla. By right should start already..bla bla bla bla. I will use stove to cook porridge faster.
Me : No need lar, can cook with slow cooker, i bought a mini slow cooker already. Easier.
Mil : Cook with stove also can mah, will turn soft and starchy too.
Me : Okay lar, anything also can, as long as soft enough for him. Then put...
Mil : (interrupted) I will put potato, i will mix different veggies....
Me : (trying to stop her) No no, put meat, spinach and carrot enough. Then...
Mil : (interrupted) Ok ok, then throw away meat, spinach and carrot, let him have the porridge.
Me : No no, put spinach & carrot then blend so that he can finish up everything. Dun blend the meat.
Mil : No need to blend one, just cook until it become soft then can smash them up already.
Me : That way also can, but blend better, easier to digest.
Mil : I try lar, see which way. Can add fish also, not the poisonous ones.
Me : Fish is ok, as long as no other seafood.
Mil : I already wanted to ask you about feeding him porridge..bla bla bla....
Me : Ok ok, so tomorrow i prepare the slow cooker and ikan bilis.
Mil : Actually, can use stove, no need to blend, everything will become soft and edible one.
Hubby: Just listen to her (referring to me) enough.
Mil : Cook porridge, add meat, carrot & spinach.

See? It's simple, rite? *phew*

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