Wednesday, October 29, 2008

pre/postnatal depression

If that is what you call it. My mood has not yet improved since i was pregnant until now. 2008 passes like a breeze and before i knew it, it's already end of Oct. My Khye's 1st bday is another 3 months time, according to Chinese Lunar Calendar. One good thing is my weight has gone down and down, 53.5kg now thanks to sleep deprivation, taking care of Khye and keeping my sanity in check.

Just a short update on my hurricane life:

Bedtime for Khye was painful for both of us since Aug. No matter how much effort spent in patting or singing, Khye just didn't want to sleep at all. We even made it a habit to wipe him clean just before bedtime, to make him more comfortable. But whenever the clock struck 9pm, both of us would be in fear. Our bedtime has always been 12am-1am, and at times we would only get to sleep at 2-2.30am but ended up waking up at 4-5am cos he'd wake up and cry for attention. I seriously doubted that our room was haunted. After asking a few people for, we finally went to BM to seek help from Kuan Yin. Kuan Yin told us that we as his parents should not start to fear Khye when the clock strikes 9pm. As a conclusion, we're the culprits for him not able to go to bed easily as it has already registered in our mind that he'll not sleep easily. A night after the visit to Kuan Yin temple, Khye finally settled down and slept at 10.30pm almost everyday, peacefully. If you want to know how to find this place, you may leave me a comment.

People just don't understand why mainland people need to beat the 7pm jam on bridge. Have they not noticed the long stretch of lorries queuing in front of Tesco & e-Gate? Have they not stuck on the bridge for hours for unexplainable reason? Okay, some people may argue that we should get a property in island to avoid the hassle. I like mainland, so wat?! I like my double-storey house on mainland, i like the idea of walking straight into my house without waiting for lift, i like the idea of not having to walk so far to throw my rubbish. Cannot ar? Just becos of the stupid jam, i have to get a RM1M property in island? Stupid!

I like rushing so much. I like to rush while feeding my Khye. I like to rush when eating. I like to rush when bathing. I like to rush when i clean my house. I like to rush when i'm working. I like to rush here and there. I like to rush, if you dun, stay away from me lor.

Khye is still slightly underweight after the doc visit last saturday. Must be due to the lack of sleep since few months ago. The rascal is becoming more and more active and a super duper busybody. He wants to touch and taste everything in his sight. Remote controls, bags, syilings, walls, doors, iron grills, chairs, etc. Dirty fella. The second pic is he trying to pass motion. I wonder how is he going to feel when he reads my blog next time, with his mama publishing all his funny photos :P :P

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