Wednesday, September 3, 2008

solid food

This was written 2 months ago and i just found it somewhere.
July 28
Yesterday was our 3rd attempt in feeding Khye solid food and it went so smoothly, unbelievable.
Our 1st & 2nd attempt was disasterous. We decided to start him on solid food last week, when he was in week 24. Happily, i mixed the rice cereal with some milk. It turned out more milk than rice cereal and i thought the mixture was just nice for baby. Dun want him to choke. Our first mistake was to wiped him clean BEFORE feeding him. As soon as i brought the mouth to his mouth and his tongue tasted it, the drama started. He wailed, cried, spit, struggled, kicked and did whatever he could to break free from hubby's arm, as if we're trying to force him drink vinegar. Khye is strong physically & vocally. And i thought all babies like to munch. Hubby and i was worried to see him acted in such way, but didn't want to give up, i forced another mouthful of cereal into his mouth. The drama continued.

I was taken back by his rejection. He used to watch us eat and got so excited and at times will mimic our munching action with sound "mam mam mam mam mam".

We tried our luck for the 3rd time. Suprisingly, no hassle and no more rejection. This time, he was getting impatient waiting for the spoon to reach his mouth. The moment i took the spoon out from his mouth, he will be prostesting non-stop. I have to increase my speed. In the end, we have a satisfied baby & 2 tired adults.

My milk storage after i started him on solid food, last month. I forgot to take the pic of my fridge today.

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