Sunday, August 10, 2008


Khye won't be back until tomorrow. In the meanwhile, hubby gets to work without disturbance & my eyes get to feast on the photos uploaded on Facebook. Believe it or not, i get to online since 2pm today. I barely get to do this when Khye is around. He does take up a lot of our time. Usually, hubby & i will try our best to put him to sleep before we get to do our own work. We spend 30-40mins to get him to sleep, but he only sleeps for 20-30mins and he's a light sleeper. Weekdays, no matter how i try to work at home at night, i will never be successful. Only one of us gets to work at night. But come to think of it, he is more important than work wat :P And i hardly get to update my blogs now, not to talk about blog for money which i used to do last year. How to work with him demanding for your attention all the time?

With him around, it's bitter sweet i would say. He is very generous with his gummy smile & recently he knows how to laugh. Just give him his favourite Lamaze doggie and you'll get to hear a lot of "heh-heh-heh...heh-heh-heh". On the other hand it's bitter cos at times he does confuse himself whether to eat or sleep, when he's hugnry+sleepy at the same time. There was one time, i drank coffee during lunch, expressed my milk after that and he drank it. In the end, 3 of us slept around 1am cos he can't sleep and was crying for whole night :P

As conclusion, with a baby around, you'll have to sacrifice about 70% of your time for the baby. Am i correct? I'm glad we didn't get twins now though i wished for a pair when i was pregnant :D

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