Thursday, July 24, 2008


We've just sent Khye to my mum's place. Both of us have sleepless nights since Sunday. Not sure what happened to him or due to teething, i cannot tolerate his crankiness anymore.

Now, life is so peaceful at home. Hubby went out to meet up with friends. Me, sitting in front of Astro and online using our very own Streamyx account. Wondering why didn't i update my blogs and start earning money again? I'll tell you why.

We have to leave office latest by 6pm or earlier. Our usual routine after work.

6.45pm : Pick him from in-laws's place
7.00pm : Reach home. I'll bathe first while hubby wipes him clean before changing him into his pyjama.
7.15pm : Hubby's turn to bathe while i heat up the milk. At the same time, putting his feeding bottles & my breastpump into the sterilizer. Feed him.
7.40pm : Milk time for me while hubby takes his dinner. Sometimes hubby will be waiting for me to finish while playing with Khye.
8.00pm : Take dinner while watching news, if Khye behaves. If not, we'll have to take turns to soothe him.
8.30pm : Complete everything. Hubby will work or play with him, while i wash everything in the kitchen. We switch roles sometimes.
9.00pm : Milk time again before watching HHD while attending to Khye.
9.30pm : Khye's feeding time.
10.00pm: Take out feeding bottles from sterilizer, boil hot water for the night.
10.30pm: If we're lucky, we'll get to sleep right after the HHD show. If not, we'll have to entertain Khye until 12am.

With him around, i feel stressed. But now i'm missing him a little.
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  1. I see. I've following up your blog all the while, but no new post for so long. Hmm...not easy taking care a baby.

  2. hello little inbox, thanks for reading :D not only i do not have time to update blogs, i rarely read my favourite blogs too :(