Sunday, November 18, 2007

so it's a Mickey =)

We saw the doc at about 10am in the morning. We were both very anxious and were waiting for the day to come since our last visit last month. The nurse instructed to me to lie down while waiting for the doc to scan my tummy. Hubby asked the nurse whether he could see the ultrasound visual with me, so the nurse asked him to stand beside the doc chair. The doc, as usual came and scan my tummy, showing me where the head, spinal cord, heartbeat & legs of the baby. This time i could see the eyes of the baby so clearly, including the chubby legs. Then the doc asked me, did i know whether it's a boy or a girl, i said nope.

Doc: Si ta phor (it's a boy)
Me : Si ta phor?(it's a boy?)
Doc: Yeah, that the bird. Can you see it?

I saw a blur image of the birdie but still just couldn't resist but to ask him again.
Me : Confirmed?
Doc: Confirmed si ta phor. Look between the leg, that's the bird.
He continued to zoom in between the chubby legs and show me the smallest birdie i've ever seen.

We thanked the doc and proceed to the pharmacy to pay and take my vitamins. Hubby was so blur (or too happy) that he forgot the way out of the hospital. In the car, i asked him how was he feeling. He said "Honestly, i'm very happy". If you ask me how do i feel, i will tell you, i'm both relieved and happy my first child is going to be a boy. More kids to come and hopefully the next one will be a girl :D


  1. Congrats ya!!! Mummy make sure my full moon package extra BIG becoz I first to comment.

    Take the tortoise from CW's pack and put into mine..he nvr comment. Dun give him ;-)

  2. haha...thanks thanks =) you also as tam ciak as me huh? :P I think CW too busy writing paid posts. i'm getting lazy :D

  3. thanks, zoe-t :D happy me, happy papa, happy grandparents =)