Wednesday, November 21, 2007

in flame

When i returned home yesterday, i saw the red chair sitting in the middle of our living room. I wanted to say, "I told you so" but decided to keep the mouth shut. In the very beginning, i've already told hubby to not get the Poang Chair from IKEA from our last trip, but since he likes it so much, we took it home. So now, the problem is we have no suitable place to place the chair. And when hubby suggested to bring the chair up to our room, which is quite empty, MIL said no. What?!??! She has no say wat. I want to bring it up to my room means i want the chair to be in my room. No other sofa in the living room meh? Why want to put the bulky chair in the hall? For you all to put your legs ar??? RM299 for leg rest???? Humph!!!!


  1. thats the problem with staying with parents (or in-laws) after marriage. being only child or whatsoever does not justify or neither husband nor wife to push for that option.

    unless both parties can tolerate the uneasiness, the best is still not staying with parents, but go back to parents' place regularly, like few times a week maybe? :)

  2. i have no choice one ler. but i never quarrel or complain in front of them. want to keep my good image as a good dil :) hubby is my punching bag lar :P

  3. ya, i know. thats why it's either:
    - the wife suffers, if she chooses to keep everything to herself & burst occasionally
    - the husband suffers, becomes the punching bag of wife bcoz of this & that of his parents

    & vice versa, of course :)

    we always have choices. don't say no choice. also, being not staying with parents doesnt mean we are unfilial ;)

  4. let's see whether my son will take good care of us or not next time, since i'm so good to in-laws too :D Karma :P

  5. hehe, don't expect to be taken care of in future. i never believe that our children is obligated to take care of us. it's only our obligation to take care of them, that's all.