Wednesday, July 18, 2007

trip to cameron highlands

Hubby dated me to Cameron Highlands last week for a 2D1N trip together with his friends. There is only one thing i dun like about the whole journey - the road up the hill, winding & narrow.

We started our journey at 7am. Hubby's fren was in charged of booking the apartment for our stay. Here is the conversation between the driver & his fren.

Fren1: How do we get the keys?
Fren2: Have to call the owner & meet up with him.
Fren1: Where to meet the owner?
Fren2: Meet at Petronas petrol station at Cameron.
Fren1: Do you know where is the petrol station?
Fren2: Have to call the owner to ask him where is Petronas.
Me: *fainted*

Before we drove up the hill, i forced myself to fall asleep which i succeeded after 15mins or so. Woke up when we reached Country Lodge Resort and Fren2 called up the owner. Our apartment wasn't that bad, 3-rooms apt with attached bathrooms. Spacious living room with fully equipped kitchen. After settled down for a while, we went out for breakfast & off we went to our first destination - Boh Tea plantation. The hill was like covered with green carpet, so smooth & refreshing. Road was narrow but fortunately there was a bus making way in front off us, so we just had to follow the bus. Hubby met his cousin & fren at the cafe.

After touring for like 30mins, we went a Bee Farm which was a very lame farm. Wooden boxes containing bee hives all over the farm but nobody was there to demonstrate anything for us. There was a sign somewhere "We will not be held responsible for any accident which may occur in this farm." Uh oh, time to leave :P Before that, found this plant. It's named Christmas Flowers.

On the way back to our apartment to rest, we stopped at Rose Valley. RM4 admission fee per pax. I was dead tired since lack of sleep & i don't like flowers. Walked a few round and rested while waiting for them all to finish the tour. Saw apple tree in the Rose Valley too, miserable tree.

Back to apartment, everybody slept like pigs until it was dinner time. Too much food especially fishballs. Went to pasar malam after the steamboat & met a few other friends and relatives. Lot of Penangites were in Cameron during the weekends.

We planned to visit the Cactus Valley early in the morning but couldn't wake up in time. Ate leftover steamboat with maggi mee & we went out again. Heavy rain & luckily i brought along my foldable umbrella & sandals. I now can declare that i dun like plants :P I didn’t like anything in the farm partly due to the cold weather & i was still having the after effect going up the hill due to the winding road. Took a few pics of cacti including some which looked like cabbages & roses.

After shopping at the market, we started our journey back to Penang once more. So glad. But i think i fainted in the car on the way down the hill. His fren drove too fast down the winding road & i only woke up when we reached the toll :P

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