Thursday, July 12, 2007

love rivalry ;)

Remember i said i didn't want to watch hubby's badminton tournament? Well, in the end i walked all the way to the badminton court. For no reason, i just changed my mind. I reached there just in time to see the first match between hubby's dept against another department. It didn't look good as the opponents were very strong & they had a big team cheering for them. Hubby was still on the bench cheering for his team when i stepped into the hall. Luck was not on their side when 2 teams lost. Finally, it was his turn to play. I remember the first time i saw him played was at BM badminton court. Not bad also, he looked bergaya also...haha :P BTW, I dunno how to play badminton & dun even know the rules

Coincidently, hubby played against "my bf". Before they started the match, "my bf" already asked me who am i supporting. The answer was so obvious. Hubby won first game by a few points, lost in second game & won in the final game by 3 points only. But i think he didn't really win cos can't deny that "my bf" was a better player than he is. Although hubby & his partner kept attacking "my bf"'s partner, "my bf" never failed to save the game...hahaha. No doubt both "my bf" & his partner were also attacking hubby's partner at the same time. If hubby & "my bf" were to play against each other, hubby will lose, i can guarantee that :P Sorry dear, the truth hurts :D


  1. Your hubby, your bf, your hubby, your bf...complicated :(