Wednesday, July 25, 2007

peri peri chicken meal

Hubby and i sent MIL off at the airport yesterday. While we were waiting for her to check-in, i managed to buy myself a set of chicken meal from Nando's. How i missed the aroma of the roasted chicken meat since dunno when. Last time during college days, i could finish 1/2 chicken (Flaming Hot ) + 2 sidelines + Coke, all by myself. Of cos i was huge then :p Yesterday, i could only finish half of 1/4 chicken (Mild) + 2 sidelines. Hubby had to finish off the remaining stuff. Oh yeah, dun ever order Hot Chocolate drink from Nando's. You cannot even taste chocolate in the drink. It's like drinking plain water + a bit of sugar. It's that bad & yucksss!! RM7.50 for a cup of choc-like drink. But i still enjoy the meat & chips. Thinking of Nando's makes me drool now :P

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