Wednesday, July 25, 2007

my facial ordeal

It's always a nightmare when the salesgirl calls me up for facial appointment. My poor hubby will have to spend about 2 hours window shopping or go looking at some electronic gadgets while waiting for me. Well, at least it's better than spending time looking at the monitor in office, he can relax in QB. The last facial was called light therapy treatment, it's included in the package when i first signed up. They didn't brief me how it was going to be like, so as usual, i just followed them into the room & let them do their work. Before they began the light therapy treatment, they did a test on my arm to test the heat. Aiyer, it's like lasering my skin like that with a bright spark & mild pain. Knowing that it's another type of skin treatment, i agreed to let them continue :P Quite a terrifying experience where i could see sparks even though i was wearing eyes protector. The pain was mild & i could smell burnt skin scent. That gross. After the completing the ordeal, i was given a few sachets of cream to protect my skin for 3 days continuously to avoid rashes or skin irritation. If there is another free voucher for this kind of treatment, i would pass it.

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