Monday, July 9, 2007


i got tagged from MummyInVain. How to know you're down with Blogitivis? Here are some symptoms :)

  1. I open my blogs before i open Outlook.
  2. I look at other people's blogs before i wipe my office table.
  3. I cannot resist posting about what happen around me everyday.
  4. I keep refreshing PPP for new opps.
  5. I take more pics now for my blogs.
  6. I'm tempted to spend my weekend blogging instead of our normal outing.
  7. I blog hopping to read on more blogging tips.
  8. My typing speed increased termendously.
  9. I love advertisements on my blogs now. I used to hate blogs with advertisement.
  10. I make more friends by blogging :D

Since there is a special request, i shall now tag Dan =)


  1. Arent we all addicted to all of our blogs, lolz!!!! And you are tagged!!!! Check out I'm already enjoying the best of both worlds

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  3. i'm a blog doctor. this disease is cureable when detected at early stages. time dont teach ur kids how to use the net.

  4. hey... CW is my collegemate~!!!

    small world..

  5. he tried to court me mah...hahaha. Just joking :p He's my family fren :P