Thursday, July 5, 2007

ad on room rental as

We know about but have you heard of It's a hassle-free site for Singaporeans or non-Singaporeans to find rooms easily. Averagely, there are 1000 different people looking for room in Singapore in June07 according to blog, which means by advertising in, chances very high the room for rent in your house will be rented out in no time. People no longer have to search for accommodation in newspapers or Google for rooms in Singapore. All the criteria you're looking for in order to get a comfortable room is in and it's FREE!! No room agent is needed as this site encourage tenant & landlords to deal with each other directly.

More services available such as advertisement for room rental in
Hong Kong ( or Taiwan ( It's so simple & easy to use for both advertisers & those who are looking for rooms.

*by Advertlets.

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