Wednesday, June 6, 2007

western food war

Last Friday, there was a massive jam on the bridge due to 3 days holidays for us, so we decided to detour to take dinner before joining the jam again. Went to Fettes Park to look for the Hakka Western Food shop recommended by Jason from AEC but it was closed. So we proceeded to our usual western food shop at Fatty Loh Chicken Rice shop. All the tables were fully occuppied & there were people standing near the counter ordering food even before they get a place to sit. Finally, we got a table for 2 and ordered our usual meal - pork gordon bleu. This time, the portion was bigger than it used to be. Competing with the other western food shop? I bet so :P Anyway, couldn't finish it this time i wonder why. It was my favourite. Anyway, both of us got mild sore throat the next day :P

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