Thursday, June 7, 2007

my chocs

The only thing that makes me happy is food, especially chocs. There are still a lot of leftover chocs in my fridge since last year and i hide them in another cabinet whenever there are uninvited guests. Call me a selfish person but i have good reason behind being selfish. There was one time when MIL's godson came to visit her from Malacca. She brought him to the kitchen and showed him the chocs hubby got for me and asked her god-son to take some! The packets of chocs were not opened yet but there she was asking people to take them. He took one bar of Hershey's which i didn't mind at all. But MIL insisted he takes another packet of unopened chocs HOME! Hulamak...they are all mine! Hubby brought a few kgs home for me. Luckily, he was paiseh and refused the offer *phew*. From that day onwards, whenever hubby informs me MIL will be bringing guests over, i'll hide all my precious away. I dun want MIL to be so generous with my things, esp my chocs & sweets.

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