Thursday, May 3, 2007

want or need?

I'm feeling uncomfortable since last night. Hubby and i went for lunch at Tao, Juru Autocity. The environment was excellent but most of the staff are Indians, i wonder why. Anyway, we were served by a nice indian guy. Opted for RM44++ buffet. Ordered a few plates of dishes & took some sushi. I made mistake by finished up 3 shushi and a glass of ice lemon tea before the dishes came. We only managed to order 3 rounds and that was it. The food was so-so, nothing to shout about. Not much variety & no oysters. Sobayoshi is still better than Tao. I think i'm down with food poisoning now, upset stomach :(

After lunch, we went round Autocity & dropped by at a superbike shop. Hubby is crazy about superbikes, as well as FIL. I hardly remember all the names he mentioned to me except Africa Twin, Hornet, KTM. He likes big & high superbikes while FIL loves superbike with lower seat. Oh yeah, the Africa Twin that hubby & FIL planned to buy already sold out. They went to see the bike on Sunday 2pm & it was sold out to another person by 3pm. Limited edition, that's why. Hubby was disappointed by not me. It's a WANT, not a NEED.

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