Thursday, May 3, 2007

get paid by Smorty

I just love the idea to get paid per post. i'm more delighted when i found out yet another get paid to blog sponsor: Smorty. You'll have to fulfill all the basic requirements just like other sponsors where your blogs must be more than 3 months..bla bla bla.

One of the features that attract me, bloggers get paid on weekly basis. This means i can see the money in my Paypal once my post is approved. I’ve just received USD60 for blogging, this is a good start for me. I wish I could get my first USD1K by end of this month, by blog for money. So much better than my monthly income from my current job.

For bloggers, you just write your most honest opinion once opportunity is sent to your emails & you'll get paid by Smorty. For advertisers to advertise on blogs, your money will be spent more effectively, as there will not be any low quality bloggers. Don't you just love Smorty? =) Check it out Smorty get paid to blog & blog advertising services.

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