Friday, May 11, 2007

Ultimate Paintball Gun store

Do you like Paintball? I personally have not played this game before i just heard about it a few times. My uncle who owns Paintball game shop told me that maintaining the equipments are expensive. Do you know that a paint gun costs up to USD 469.95? That’s insanely expensive. Of cos you have cheaper one like Spyder PILOT ACS Black/Blue Paintball Marker MEGA Gun Set.

I’ve informed uncle about Ultimate Paintball Gun store and that it's selling cheap paintball guns but he refused to listen. He gave me reasons that he would be charged unnecessarily and there is possibility that the stocks ordered will only arrive after several weeks. This is not true if you order certain equipment from Ultimate Paintball Gun store. Free UPS Shipping is provided if the orders are more than USD200. He sort of attracted to the free UPS and promise to take a look at cheap paintball guns offers from Ultimate Paintball Gun store. Hmm…will I get free games when I visit his shop next time? =)

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