Monday, April 23, 2007

more cleaning

Sunday morning, wanted to go marketing but the house renovation guy was at our gate when we were about to leave. The tiles of the toilet in my room are uneven causing water to be stagnant in the toilet. I fell in the toilet once and broke the jade bracelet given by MIL before i got married & bruised my thigh :P Clumsy huh :P We lied to in-laws & parents on how the jade bracelet broke. I spent the afternoon watching Amazing Race re-run & harassing the Astro remote control, water the plants, wash some clothes..etc.. Yeah, i'm practicing how to become a housewife :P

The worker took 2hours to replace 16 tiles and we took 30mins to clean up 70% of the room only. Luckily i've removed all the things from our room to in-law's. Wanted to spend more time to clean up the whole room but we were rushing to leave go for prayers in Langgar, Alor Star (or Perlis).

Alamak, just remembered i left a cup of kopi peng in the fridge.....

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