Monday, April 23, 2007

a day out with in-laws

FIL decided to be adventurous and wanted to go to a temple somewhere off Alor Star. So off we went right after we finished cleaning the room after the toilet renovation. I even had to put hair mostuirizer in the car cos it was getting late. The journey took about 1hour 40mins instead of 2 hours+, hubby sped all the way there. Dropped halfway to fill up the petrol while i grabbed ice creams for everybody, hubby & i didn't have lunch except 2 slices of leftover pizza from Weds :P

Reached the temple finally. We were greeted by 2 large elephants at the entrance, fake ones lar. The temple looks very deserted. No monks, no human. Just a few stray dogs. Eerie too cos it was already 5pm. Walked around and the sky threatened to rain. According to MIL, the place was used to be very crowded whenever they came, 4years ago :P Tourists & local flood the temple to ask for 4D. I've not heard of this, have you? Right before we left the temple, saw 2 monks on their way towards the temple. Fortunately for us, he was the chief monk of that temple and we managed to invite a Buddha statue from the temple. Happy us. Actually, the place is still very famous according to the chief monk, just that he had to go back to Bangkok for prayers for about a month, and only returned a couple of days ago. No wonder no visitors.

We managed to stop at Gurun to grab some frogs for dinner. Gurun is famous for frogs by the way. The meals for 4 of us only came up to RM58. So cheap... Half dead when we reached home. Poor hubby.

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