Monday, December 18, 2006

Lunch was good, a treat from aunt at I-Avenue. Today's task is to teach cousin how to board the company bus home from office. He'll be here for a good 6 months as vacation trainee. Another family member in Avago. Received a cake on aunt's behalf. My troublesome da jie refused to take us home with the cake, no choice, have to take the bus today, aunt's on halfday.

Met KK, the guy who stayed in relau. The guy who works in intel & had a room vacancy in his aprt. He knew i was familiar to him but he just couldn't recall me until i MSN him just now. Could it becos i looked round & clumsy last time? He did say i looked different now.

Someone is ignoring me today. I knew it must be due to the post i just posted below.

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