Monday, November 13, 2006

the start

Friday, 10Nov - 51 days

Decided to start a blog for both of us today. Start to countdown my special date. The (soon-to-be) husband still stranded in a land far far away while i'm here alone. I'm trying to make guest checklist & things i'm supposed to do. Seriously i'm feeling too free now. I guess all the important things are being handled well by both parents & (future) in-laws. I look at my guest list over and over again to filter those who i really want to invite and those who are in my ok list. It's so hard to get confirmation from my guests. One of the stupidiest answer i've ever heard was to follow the majority, all come i come, all dun come i dun come. What kind of nonsense! I better dun get started on that topic. It really pissed me off. They will know how i feel when it's their turn. Anyway, MIL (mum-in-law) called to inform me about the invitation card. I'll have to get the card from her. Another trouble. I need to borrow a car or find someone to fetch me to bworth to get the cards. If only (soon-to-be) hubby is here now.....

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