Monday, November 13, 2006

self indulgence

Saturday, 11Nov - 50 days

Woke up quite late cos went online until 2am. Finished house chores and followed ah kim out to shop. First place we went to was Prangin. There was arguement between ah kim & the car wash attendant, not going to elaborate here. While in Prangin, we went separate ways and to meet up once she is ready. I stopped by at Body Shop, no sale. Went to Chameleon to buy new ear rings but couldn't find any nice pairs. Ah kim called and i joined her for brunch. Lunch at Wong Kok was expensive and the food was not too good. After settled the things she wanted to do, off we went back to grandpa's house to drop cousin before we continued to Gurney Plaza. It was one month ago since i stepped into Gurney Plaza. Nothing changed. Ah kim bought a RM3k+ worth of exercising machine, while i bought..hehehe...Lo Hong Ka bird's nest for myself :p On the way out from Cold Storage, we saw an ang moh family. Apparently the baby angmoh walked towards the candy shelves and accidentally spilled almost all the candy from a candy container at Famous Amos. The angmoh dad had to pay for it. Must be pretty expensive. *phew*.

Stopped for high tea at Trader's. First time to experience an english tea set. Good food but not worth the price. Decided to follow ah kim to Alor Star.

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