Thursday, March 21, 2013

he is about to leave his little kindy world

I am having mixed feelings that my little boy will be graduating from his little world in kindy soon, end of next year. He might not know what is farewell and that he might not be seeing most of his frens again, (perhaps not until they start to fight to secure a place in local uni or JPA scholarship, if he is ever going to be THAT smart).

I have no idea how mothers cope with the feelings that their little girls/boys are going into Std1 where safety is not guaranteed. There might be possibility that blur Khye will get into wrong vehicle. Or is he going to be conned into going home with strangers. Or what if Khye tries to be funny and tries to walk home from school. Well, i did that when i was in Primary 1, but that was long before kid kidnapping cases increase. What if he is bullied in school due to his size. What if someone extorts money from him. What if the teachers dun like him. What if he gets lost in the school. There are soooo many what-ifs.

Not forgetting should i send him to chinese / math / eng / BM enrichment classes now or later, should i send him to mental arithmetic class or problem solving class, should i send him to ABRSM or continue Yamaha. I have to finalise all these classes as soon as possible before i go crazy surfing for the information of the right courses for him. Being the eldest in the family, no doubt Khye is the guinea pig. By the time it reaches Ern, life will be smoother for all of us.

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