Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My weight is almost back to last time. Before, i only weighed around 55-56kg, and now 57kg. The main culprit is the spare tyre around my waist. When i look into my 4-feet dressing table mirror, the spare tyre looks just like a pouch. With no elasticity, ugly, soft, wrinkled, old, stretch marks all over. Honestly, it looks more like a "tu thor" (in hokkien), if you know what i mean. My waist was 26-40 and it's back to 26. But the spare tyre just dun want to go away, hence the extra 1kg.
And when i tot i was back to normal body shape (minus my pouch-like tummy), i saw this pic.

It was taken by hubby during my cousin's wedding. Let's focus on my bra strap, the bulging flesh, to be exact. So ugly, so embarassing! I used to stare at people who wear the wrong bras or wear bras that are too-small-but-i-think-you-will-think-i'm-sexy with overflowing flesh, what a view *eyes rolling*

Guess, the amount of exercise i do at home, e.g rocking a 7.6kg baby to sleep every night, does not help to tone my muscle. Have to go back and look for my expensive-super-huge Elken lingerie bra to hide the flesh. Blekk!!!


  1. Hey... you look great now. And you managed to get back to your shape in such a short time, good job, can share? :D

  2. can, but for your future use only. my baby still on mama milk mah :P so i can still eat all i can now :D