Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Latest addition

I've been delaying this post due to laziness & tired-ness. So, ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the new addition of the Tee family - Baby Khye, born on CNY eve.

It all started like this, on 4Feb, while i was having CNY mood, my water bag leaked during lunch in office. Was thinking that it must be just another false alarm, my due date was still 6 weeks away and no way i would deliver so early. Hubby still insisted to bring me to hospital for checkup and i got lectured by him for wanting to delay it. As you know, i also happen to have a very "kin cheong" mum who will get "kin cheong" whenever something happen to her daughters. Reached hospital, the nurse sent me to labor room for checkup after i told that my water bag leaked. For the 1st time in my entire life, i was "poked", not once, not twice, but thrice on the same day!! Nurse#1 poked and related her findings to Nurse#2. Nurse#2 wanted to confirm, again. After talking among themselves, they went to get my gynae who was on duty in the labor room and I had my 3rd time. Finally, after a few embarrassments, i was admitted for observation, konon la. Oh yeah, i cried when they told me that i may have to deliver early. Cos I wanted a Mickey instead of Piggy! Anyway, i was given 3 injections to toughen my baby lungs, just in case he decided to come out early.

On the 2nd day, my gynae scanned and checked my tummy before breaking me the bad news (or izzit a good one). I have to either deliver on that very night or next morning otherwise, i'd lose the baby. The first thing i did was to call up my sis & mum cos i didn't want to disturb hubby at his meeting. The nurse induced me with 1st dose. At about 10am, i sent hubby this message "Call me immediately after your meeting!" which he did right after he received the message. After telling him what the doc said, he remained very calm or he was just trying to be calm, i have no idea. It's a good thing i did pack all my things the week before, so it was quite easy for hubby to search and sapu everything to the hospital for me. Before i was induced with second dose, parents came and asked me whether did i crave for any food and that i better fill up my stomach before going into labor. Honestly, i was still very upset cos i had to deliver early and no appetite to even eat.

While i was having dinner with hubby, the nurse came and gave me the second dose. It was when the pain started and i could hardly finish my dinner. Nurse told me to press the bell for her if the pain became unbearable. Uh-oh... The pain started around 5.20pm and about 10pm, the pain became unbearable where hubby had to call the nurse in. Unfortunately, my cervix was not open yet so i had to wait some more. At 11pm, i was screaming for hubby to get the nurse again, and yet my cervix was only 1cm wide. Hubby went to sleep in the car as he was asked to leave the ward cos no husband is allowed to stay overnight. At 12.15am, my gynae came to check on me. What he did was to you-know-what to burst my water bag and i was soaked with water & blood. And the pain...i woke everybody in the room, just imagine it. Gynae summoned the nurse to send me to labor room & i called hubby immediately. Hubby rushed all the way from the car park to the main door but it was already locked, so he had to run to the emergency entrance before he reached my bed, looking paler than me. One thing i dun like about the hospital, i was already in pain after the nurse cleaned me up & she asked me to walk all the way to the labor room, without a wheelchair. Hubby almost screamed at them but i didn't care as all i wanted to do was to lie down on the bed.
While lying on the bed, i was thinking how should i breathe & push. I was already very tired and the pain was making me nuts. Just imagine you have 2 bricks coming out from your ovaries. Or you're trying to pull a gigantic lorry with your waist. That painful. Parents were outside waiting until 3am before hubby asked them to go home and rest. They even bought roti canai for him...hahaha. Hubby came back into the room and told me, he's going to ask the doc to operate me rather than see me in pain.

Around 5am, my gynae returned and told me, it's getting dangerous and i must undergo C-sect since my cervix was till not opened yet. I asked the nurse to find hubby as he was no where to be seen. He was again shoo-ed away by the nurse and was resting in the car. The nurse started to prepare me for the operation. A tube was inserted to my left hand twice cos the nurse couldn't find the vein. Stupid nurse! Then she inserted another tube for urinating which made me extremely uncomfortable. I was then pushed in the walkway where hubby was already waiting for me. It was really an unforgettable experience for me, being pushed around and feeling uncomfortable and always feeling the urge to pass urine. The pain didn't really subside either. I was telling hubby that i was very very scared and my heart was going to jump out from my mouth. He asked me to relax and calmed me down, which i didn't of cos.

I cannot remember how many beds the nurses transferred me into. An anesthetic doc was waiting for me and when he finally gave me the anesthetic injection, i went numb from waist down and immediately felt so comfortable. No more pain, no more urge to pass urine. Heaven... Before my gyane came, i kept asking the anesthetic doc to check over and over again whether or not my body was really numb. Silly of me but i couldn't help it. I was really really afraid. My gyane came and started the operation. My friends told me, i can actually see what he's doing by looking at the reflection on the lights above me. Crazy, why would i want to see that?!?! Anyway, all i know was i kept praying, opening & squeezing my palms so hard that one of the nurses came to grab them. I distract myself from hearing the sounds of the equipment, by thinking of other things. Suddenly, i heard my baby crying very loud. Did i cry together with him? The answer is no, i was too nervous to act. They cleaned him and brought him near my face to show me it's a baby boy before holding him near to my face. I could smell him, i could see his tiny pink face & hear his breathing. He was so tiny, only 2.45kg.

Everything lasted for like 2 hours, including having me under observation after C-sect. I was expecting hubby to follow the baby to the nursery, but he didn't. He waited patiently outside the operating theatre until they sent me back to my room. I dozed off like i haven't slept for years. Mission accomplished and that’s how I spent my CNY.



    itS A boy - After so long of waiting ya ... nice nice

    eheheh :) so its a mouse after all ehehehe

    grats once again .. :D

  2. thanks =)
    mum says it's Piggy+Mickey. i have no idea. Dunno whether he'll be lazy(pig)+ mischievous(mouse).

  3. Hi there, congratulations! A lovely baby boy you've got.

  4. your story makes the uncle nervous as well!

  5. you still have long way to go, any girlfren yet? Ah kong dun want to "eat flowers" :P