Thursday, November 22, 2007

my son =)

His head is on my left and the legs are facing my right, the body is right under my belly button. No wonder i could feel movement on the right side of my tummy more. Sometimes, he kicks so hard that you can see my tummy move, most visible when i'm wearing white/tight blouse. However, when a stranger touches my tummy, it will stop moving immediately, maybe he only recognizes my palms. I am still waiting for him to show me his elbows and knees. Like doing karate in my tummy huh?

My cough is disturbing him during the day especially when i have to cough real hard. So he takes "revenge" on me, by waking me up at 6.12-6.14am every morning, by squirming around in my tummy. At least it's better now cos once upon a time, he always woke me up at 3.45-4am *phew*.

One bad thing, there are a lot of new moles all over my body and dark pigmentation underneath my armpits. Gross leh? And quite a large dark pigmentation on my right cheek, slightly nearer to my ear lobe. Will it go away after labor or stick to my face forever? I can now happily declare that i have a 36inch waist with a 39inch butt and it keeps growing wider and wider each day. That's the price you have to pay.


  1. I know, is a boy!
    You must register him to study karate when he is out. Hehe.

  2. karate, taekwando, kungfu...hahaha.
    but first i have to find a name for him. tough job ler.

  3. having read the just leaves a grin on my face... dunno why. :-)))