Monday, October 8, 2007

what a coward!!!

Last Fri, i took leave to stay at home with sick hubby. He had slight fever & flu, i cooked porridge for him whole day. While we were watching tv at night, i told him i have fear of giving birth the normal way. I can imagine myself screaming on top of my lungs and faint during labor. You wouldn't believe it if i tell you even a paper cut can make me nausea & feel like fainting. Even by dropping a pail on my toe will make me semi-unconscious. I have low tolerance to pain. How on earth am i going to give birth the normal way? My coll told me, all you want to do is to push as hard as possible and be done with it. After that you wouldn't feel a thing even when you're being stitched. So scary huh. And i tot i was already prepared for the pain.

So i asked him, will he go into the labor room with me? He said yes. Will he stay by me or by the doc? He said sure he will want to stand beside me thru out the whole process. I asked him why, thinking how sweet he is huh. He said he's afraid he dare not touch me anymore after witnessing how the baby comes out. @#$#@! And i tot he is brave enough to videocam the whole process for me!


  1. he will be brave when the time comes :) have faith in him

  2. i wonder who the doc is going to attend first during labor, me or him...hahaha....